Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ALIVE 2015

It's almost here!!! ALIVE 2015 April 17-19

ALIVE 2015 

Early registration ends Feb. 23! Register on line - $139

Want to ride a chartered bus from West MI to the ALIVE conference for only $50?

You need to book your hotel and bus reservations together with others in your church. Your church will send your payment in to the District Office. If you are the only one from your church then you may send it to the District Office. We will need for everyone riding the bus to stay at the Millennium Maxwell Hotel. Please contact Mary Conrad for your reservations for the bus along with your hotel reservations. mary.m.conrad@gmail.com  You do not go through the hotel to make reservations for a room. 

The bus will leave Kentwood Community Church by 6 am on April 17th.

Please go to the ALIVE 2015 website link above and check out the outstanding event that is planned for YOU! So many blessings will take place that weekend. Come and get yours!

Love to All! Stay Warm and Safe!

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