Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wesleyan Women's Movement

Heart of Ministries

Here we are already moving towards the end of January 2013! Trying to get used to writing the new year, 2013! Change is difficult at times, not that we don't like it, it's just that we have to do things differently than before. Starting a brand new year is a fresh new start. We have the whole new year ahead of us to look forward to and new adventures and experiences. And that's not all bad, it's actually exciting. I just have to change writing from 2012 to 2013. God has a plan! I want to follow that plan!

Wesleyan Women has gone through change, too. I'm excited as we see God unfold His plan for us. We have a new leader, Andrea Summer, and a beautiful new logo and name, Wesleyan Women's Movement. www.wesleyan.org/ww

Our Heart of Ministries is coming up in February (although you can do this beyond Feb.) This year the focus in on Human Trafficking and the battle to fight it globally continues. www.wesleyan.org/ww click on Heart Of Ministries and you have options for videos and flyers and more information. You can send donations to headquarters, to our district (write Wesleyan Women Movement in memo), or give through your local church.

Also, I want to remind you of the work that Project Liberty (stopping human trafficking) is doing also. We are located in Mid MI, Lansing area. Take a look at our website, www.project-liberty.com.
If you have any questions about human trafficking during this time or any time, I would be happy to come speak to your group. sl4faith@gmail.com Together we all can make a difference.

Thank you to all of you who are doing awareness and more. Let me know what you are doing and I can post it and pass the information along.

West MI
Wesleyan Women's Movement
Saundra Lawson
The Wesleyan Women's Movement is a network of Wesleyans that connects, nurtures and empowers women to grow in faith, discover their calling, lead, and give life to the world around them.
We are coming together to inspire depth and action. More than 30,000 women around the globe are leading and resourcing the Church to nurture growth and to meet real need.
Discipleship: creatively growing in God and toward others through deep and intentional connection.
Leadership Development: innovatively mobilizing women to discover their calling and lead the Church
Social Action: boldly identifying and rallying the Church to meet real human need in the world.