Monday, November 3, 2008

Sisterhood News

Hello West Michigan, by Director Saundra Lawson

I say this every year, “Fall is my favorite season”. I get a little nostalgic and remember my kids going back to school, the smells of a smoky fire of leaves burning, apples and pumpkin pie. My husband, Bill, and I celebrate our wedding anniversary in October and we always take a color tour and enjoy the beauty of the Lord. But the one thing I look forward to most is a women’s Bible study. For 13 years I taught a neighborhood Bible study, most of the time in my living room, then teaching a fall women’s Bible study another 11 years at my church. I get so excited about getting together with women and sharing lessons from the Word. At this time I am attending a Bible study by Beth Moore (I love her); it is “The Patriarchs”. I pray that you find the joy of Women’s Bible Studies, too.

Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron's sister, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing. Exodus 15:20 NIV

What is in your Hand?
Use it to lead women to God!

Miriam had just walked the dry path between giant walls of water! She had just witnessed a miracle of God-the parting of the Red Sea and the drowning of their hostile pursuing enemy, Pharaoh’s army. Millions of people had walked across and were saved from the enemy. They were free from the bondage of Egypt. Imagine the sound of the roaring water, the sound of all their animals, the cries of little children, the clanking of their belongings carried on the backs of animals, the shouts of the people in amazement, the pounding of millions of feet heading for the other side of that shore. Miriam’s heart must have been pounding just as loud.

Miriam was a prophetess of God. She was a voice that spoke to the people words from God. I love that about her. She was called out to speak God’s word to the Hebrew people. There was no doubt on that day of the joy and excitement that was in her heart and she could not contain it. But what she did before she spoke was an awesome act.

She picked up a tambourine! Something she was very familiar. She had played it many times, it was second nature to her, and it was almost an extension of her own hand. On that day she led by example! She picked up that which was so familiar to her. She used what was in her hand to draw women to God. It is estimated that at least a million women followed her that day. Now, that’s a women’s ministry! They were focused and their minds were clear as they, too, picked up tambourines, followed her and worshipped God together.

What is in your hand? Use what is familiar to you to lead others to God. Are we so excited about what God has done in our lives that we can’t contain it? What is the most familiar thing in your hand-your Spiritual tambourine?

It could be a cell phone-call someone and tell them what God has done for you and that He can do the same for them. Pray over the phone.

It could be coffee cup-invite women to have a cup of coffee with you and get to know them better and be friend.

It could be a baby bottle- offer to sit with a child and encourage a worn out, tired mom to have some time to herself.

It could be your Bible- step out and hold a women’s Bible Study. Share the Gospel.

It could be your computer-use it to make contacts and send emails for events and prayer request, help others get started using a computer. Offer to do some research for women’s issues, help design flyers….

It could be your stove and potholders-you may be an excellent cook. Prepare meals for families in need. (Someone sick, just had a baby, death in family, just moved, lost a job…)

It could even be a broom-clean someone’s home.

It could be your voice or instrument-draw women into worship with your music.

It could be a file folder-you may be the greatest organizer. Help organize a women’s ministry.

It could be your heart to reach out to women-Start or help lead a Women’s Ministry.

Whatever is your Spiritual Tambourine, whatever is in your hand; play it with all your heart.

I have picked up my tambourine and I’m playing it with all my heart and I’m praying for some (Wesleyan) women followers to worship God together.

Love to All,
Saundra Lawson, Director, WW West MI