Monday, June 1, 2009

Women and Pastors!

Women you are all invited for a day of Worship, Fellowship, Inspiration and Fun!
Pastors are invited to a “Pastors Only” presentation with Sandie @ 9:30-10:30! Join us for the morning & lunch-no cost!
With great pleasure we welcome Sandie Morgan back with us as a dynamic guest speaker for our Convention/Mini Retreat, June 27, 2009, @ Faith Church, Lansing, MI 48912
“Hand In Hand-Making A Difference”

Sandie Morgan is Administrator of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force where she is working to build a team that will educate and enlist our local community against the modern slave trade. Sandie is a Registered Nurse and has served on the board of the International Nurses Association in Athens, Greece where she lived for ten years. It was there that she discovered human trafficking while doing a story for Lydia Living magazine. She recently served as Coordinator for Vanguard University’s Center for Women’s Studies and continues to serve as Director of the Lydia Today Foundation. (
Sandie also served as a Human Trafficking Dialogue Facilitator at the National Association of Evangelicals Global Leaders Forum in Washington D.C. and was invited to the first Whitehouse Roundtable on Human Trafficking. Recently, she hosted the Senior Director for Global Projects from the US State Department for the first Economic Roundtable on Human Trafficking. As an advocate for victims of human trafficking, Sandie guest lectures in universities, community groups, and churches. Since accepting the leadership of the OC Human Trafficking Task Force, Sandie has been interviewed by the LA Times and the OC METRO Business Magazine
The first 100 women attending will get a free copy of the following magazine issue!
Sandie was interviewed for the featured article “Not In My Town” in Nov./Dec. 08 of Today’s Christian Woman.

We also welcome back the Faith Church Praise and Worship Team and Special Guest. You will enjoy the display tables of books and gifts from Winding Creek Bookstore, Hephzibah, Lydia Today, WKFM, Project Liberty (anti human trafficking), Women at Risk Store (Items made by survivors of human trafficking), Lynn Mc Monigal-a new author from Cascades Wesleyan, Other District Wesleyan Women’s Ministries and more. This will be a great day of worship, spiritual encouragement, being with friends and sharing with others-
Hand In Hand-Making a Difference. “Two are better than one” Ecclesiastes 4:9.
Register your church’s women’s ministry at the Convention/Mini Retreat for the new year, 2009-2010, to be a WW chapter with Wesleyan Women-$75 and for West MI District-$25 and get into the drawing to receive your $75 WW chapter membership free! All registered chapters receive a certificate at the end of the year.
Come and Enjoy the Day! Only $15 Per Person!
9 am Sign-In (Coffee/Juice/Muffins
9:30 to 3:15 Includes a Buffet Lunch @ 12:15
Register by June 15, 2009/Any Questions Call 517-331-1415
Or email to register your group at

Anti Human Trafficking Training At Wesleyan Headquarters September 10-12.

Hands of Hope- Training to understand and care for victims of the Horrors of Human Trafficking

We have a group going and if you would like to make travel arrangements please email me at, also you may get more information and register on line at