Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back Packs for Kids!

Hello West MI! Time has just flown by this summer. Many of you are doing special activities to help kids get ready for school. This is a great place to post what you are doing. The EDGE Church needs your help in collecting back packs filled with supplies for school kids in Grand Rapids. If several of our Wesleyan Churches would commit to do at least 3 or more back packs we could provide a blessing for several kids. Lets get behind this project and make it happen. I know we can do this!! Please spread the word. For more information about where to deliver them please contact the EDGE at 616-805-4700.

Back Pack Stuffers

These back packs will be given to students of The Edge church

1 Backpack Generic for High School Boy or Girl

4 Notebooks Generic spiral notebooks

4 Folders Generic folders for holding homework

1 package Pens Click style of black or blue

1 package Pencils Mechanical – pack of at least 4

1 Calculator Basic standard calculator

1 Binder Three-ring or similar

1 Pencil case

1 Stapler

1 package markers

Our wish is to provide full backpacks to 30 inner city children. Please pray and consider starting the school year on a positive note for a student that may start off already behind.

Thank you!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Is anyone out there? Please let me know there is an audience! I want to hear comments from you and have you comment to each other. We can do this~YES we can!

Just Pacify Me. Let me know you are there.

Love and Blessings,