Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello West Michigan Women,

It is unbelievebly so beautiful these days. I absolutely love our Michigan early fall days. Lately for a few weeks now I have been going to some of our west MI churches to visit on behalf of the Women's Ministy. I have enjoyed meeting you and connecting or staying connected. Some of the churches I have stopped in on a Sun. morning are: West Locke Wes, DeWitt Faith, West Berlin, Epic, Pathway, Marshall Wes, and possibly others. It's great to visit and let you know how much I/we (our team) want you to be part of this big puzzle we are putting together. I plan to be visiting most of you in the next months ahead and looking forward to it.

In the meantime we have had 3 zone meetings for women's ministries and are planning 2 more. We have met with the Jackson Zone, Kalamazoo-Battle Creek Zone, and Lansing Zone (scheduling another time for those who were able to attend). We want to meet with women from your churches to talk about the future of West MI Women's Ministries. Thank you to all those that have attended. We are meeting with any of you interested at this time, then moving forward to form a Re-structuring and Vision Team of representatives from each zone.

Please stay in touch. Let me know your Bible Studies, Retreats and Events. What are suggestions you have for our district women.

I am available to come meet with any of you individually or as a group to speak to you about all we would like to do. But also I would like to speak to you about any special topic you may have or especially address the awareness of Human Trafficking.

I am looking for sponsors and donors to help with Project Liberty (Stopping Human Trafficking). Help us identify and locate victims in USA. None of our families are immune, but we can become "less of a target".

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