Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello West MI,

February! Ground Hog's Day-He saw his shadow so we have 6 more weeks of winter!

Valentine's Day-A Hallmark day or day to show/express love to your sweetheart and those you love?

Leap Year-An extra day in the month...or a day of the women take the iniative and ask for a "date" or proposing marriage! (I think women are already doing that today)

We always do all the above at the same time in February. Another traditional event is the Wesleyan Women's Heart of Ministries! A time to focus on the missions and ministries of WW. During this month donations are collected to further the ministries and outreach to others locally and globally.

Please look at the materials and how and where to send your church's donation!

While you are there take a look at the resources of leadership materials and Bible Studies and activities.

Please let me know how our district may help your ministry. Please let me know about your events before and after so we can post w/pictures them. I am looking to see who are doing spring conferences that we may all share in together or at least in the zone areas.

Our team is working on contacting each church for a contact person for each. We want to communicate with you and it seems to always be a challenge to make the correct contacts. Please help us with this project. We also are selecting a team to be on a "Vision and New Structure Team for West MI WW". You will be hearing more about this. Please pray for us! Looking towards great things from God!

Blessings to All,
(Thanks for all your prayers, I am feeling stronger everyday! Thank God!)

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