Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I'm always amazed at the thought of having a brand new year! Here we are at 2009. I was remembering midnight 2000 and how we were all wondering if all the computers were going to blow up and cause a chain reaction and our very survival was at stake. We were told to be prepared for the worst. I didn't want to get caught up in all the hype but I must admit, I did. I had a survival kit for my husband and me, had extra water and food, and made specific plans with our adult children, all for just in case!

What does 2009 have in store for each of us? I have heard many comments lately (and even made some comments of my own) about what's this world coming to. I'll have to admit, at times, I get so overwhelmed with the things going on; all the economy failures and "bailouts", financial disasters and chain reactions from Wall St. to our own backyards. The unstable job and housing markets, the run away medical expenses and college funds, and the insecure social security. But you certainly don't need me to remind you of all that we have going on in this world and how we are ushering in the new year. We are facing many new challenges in all areas of our lives. I am so grateful that we do not have to face them alone-God is with us.

I pray that my faith in God will be strong and that I will seek to be correctly informed in all areas of my life through His Word and Holy Spirit and will strive to make wise godly decisions, and live my life graciously and responsibly with what God has given me, trusting Him completely. I face 2009 with great anticipation! My husband, Bill, and I faced quite a lot in 2008 and God proved himself faithful so bring on 2009. I love serving Him through Wesleyan Women and women's ministries and look forward to the challenges put before me. I believe we can make a difference! I pray we unite ourselves together as women of God and make ourselves available for the Master's use. My love to all of you and, yes, Happy New Year!

Connecting Women to God and Others,

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